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We have a list of suggestions to help you experience an overwhelming urban adventure in Dresden. From hipster bars and restaurants to art galleries and museums, Dresden has some of the top five things to do in and around the city. Then make sure to include a pit stop in the Residenz Palace in your list of things to do - in - Dresden - Germany! Our guide to topThings - To - Do - Ins of Dresden Germany will tell you a little more about the top sights in, around and near Dresden and help you navigate through the old town.

Immersing yourself in history and admiring the building is definitely one of our favorite things to do in Dresden. Don't miss the opportunity to get a taste of our top things to do in Dresden during your trip.

If the Green Vault and the Zwinger Museum are not enough for you, Dresden has over 50 more museums to explore. These are just some of the things you can enjoy in and around Dresden, with many other great museums and attractions to choose from.

If you want to see Dresden Neustadt but don't have a full day to devote to it, here is a highly recommended Dresden tour that gives you a great overview of some of the sights and gives you the opportunity to learn more about the city. All museums and castles listed in our Dresden day trip guide can be visited free of charge or at a reduced price with the Schloesserland Card. Not to mention that if you combine your Dresden Regio Card with a final ticket for Dresden and the surrounding area, you will also receive free admission to 14 museums. For more information about the museum and the surrounding area of Dresden or to gain an in-depth insight into the history of this city, buy a Dresden Regio Card, the "Dresden Regios Card," which also grants you free and reduced admission to many of these museums!

If you plan to visit the museums and other sights of Dresden, the Dresden City Card is well worth a look. If you want to visit several museums in Dresden, it would be a good idea to have a look at the "Dresden Museum Card."

The last two cultural sites you should visit are the Dresden Museum and the Dresden Museum of Art and Design, both in the city centre of Dresden.

It is located in the historic old town of Dresden and is one of the smallest buildings that characterizes the architecture of its time. It is located in a small building in the centre of the city, just outside the city centre. Built between 1710 and 1732, Dresden's magnificent Zwinger Palace is the oldest and most famous of all Dresden palaces in Germany and has been one of the highlights of Dresden since its construction in 1711.

A visit to Dresden is an absolute must if you want to spend some time with walks and the opulence of the facility. If you are in Dresden for 24 hours, you have to spend one day in the old town and the other in the new town. Dresden is a very accessible city if you decide to spend one of your days in the old town or in another new city. The Art Hotel is the main attraction in this old town, which you can reach within ten minutes on foot or even just a few minutes by car from the city centre.

There are a number of places to visit in Dresden, such as the famous Bastei Bridge, which is located in the Saxon Switzerland National Park.

If you want to add more flair, color and style to your Instagram feed, you should add this attraction to your list of activities in Dresden. Germany offers a heap of gems to soothe the eyes of those with a taste for art and history. For theatre lovers, the Semper Opera should be at the top of the list of "activities in and around Dresden." No list of "best things in Germany" is complete without the inclusion of the procession of princes.

From the Church of Our Lady of the Old Market, here are 17 photos of Dresden, Germany, that you want to visit immediately. Once considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and the heart of its culture, Dresden bore the brunt of World War II when it was bombed and completely destroyed by Allied troops in February 1945. The impressive exhibition "DRESDEN 1945" leads through the haunting visuals of 1945 and its consequences.

When you visit Dresden, you cannot fail to notice how much the city suffered from the consequences of the Second World War. If you want to get a sense of what Dresden looked like in the 18th century, you should definitely visit the reverent, inspiring Dresden Panometer. The Green Vault of the Grunes Vault is another great historical museum not to be missed.

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