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I fell in love with Neustadt, then discovered my new favourite shopping city Dresden and am convinced that it is my favourite city in Germany. Dresden has many attractions to discover and is now one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Also known as the "Inner Old Town," it offers a variety of beautiful places to eat, linger and shop. I must say it is shopping time here in Prague, but I say that Dresden is the favourite of all German cities!

It is one of the most popular shopping cities in Germany with a wide variety of shops, restaurants, cafés and restaurants.

Here you can stay overnight in Dresden, if you like to look around alleyways with luxury goods. The most popular place to shop in Berlin is the Alexa Shopping Center, where you can buy high-quality clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, jewelry and other items. Also in the centre of Dresden is a very large shopping centre, which offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, as well as a large number of restaurants and cafés. One of the best places for mid-priced items in Germany is Ingolstadt Village, 80 km from Munich, where expensive brands and designer collections can be found in the boutique department store Maximillianstraße.

For theatre lovers, the Semper Opera should be at the top of the list of activities in Dresden. Don't miss a peek at our top things to do in - Dresden list for more information during your trip.

Whether you want to browse through the collection or just enjoy the beauty of the building from afar, make sure you recognize this important landmark of Dresden in the Neustadt and make sure you discover it. The museum, considered Europe's balcony and a great place for the public to take advantage of and complement the many opportunities in Dresden, has opened its doors to them.

Or another side of Dresden, which is not nearly as popular as the old town, is along the Elbe in the north. The Wilsdruffer Vorstadt is located west of Dresden's Old Town, allowing you to easily reach the city centre for a day of exploring the city. Or the Neustadt, which has a slightly more bizarre side of Dresden, can offer you a lot. As in so many cities, wandering around is simply part of my pleasure to experience Dresden. Dresden gave me the Bruhl Terrace, which runs south of the Elbe.

There you will find a range of Dresden-based sustainable children's fashion labels, from organic sewn to organic and sustainable to ecological - friendly. If you are shopping in Berlin, I recommend you visit this outlet, but you might also want to visit the neighboring countries of Poland and the Czech Republic during your trip.

If you are only in Dresden Neustadt for a day and you want a meal that you will remember, I recommend the Watzke brewery pub in Goldene Reiter Hauptstraße 1, where you can taste Saxon cuisine. In the city of Dresden, even in a city as big as Dresden, you will not find another place with such a coffee specialty. If you're just going to Dresden and want something different, and you certainly remember the food, I'd suggest cheese - a watZke-based surprise.

If you are staying in Dresden, one option is the Hyperion Hotel Dresden Am Schloss, which is located in the heart of the Old Town. If you are looking for accommodation, have a look at some of the options from the selection below or have a look at the hotels directly at the Altmarkt in the Kreuzkirche Dresden street.

If you stay in Dresden for more than a day, you can also stay in the old town and explore the rest of the city. The Inner New Town offers a variety of possibilities, including a number of hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes and even a few bars and restaurants. If you visit Dresden for 24 hours, you have the opportunity to explore the history and culture of Dresden and some of its attractions and learn more. Next time, we will definitely try to prevent Dresden from being on a Sunday when everything is shut down.

One day may not be enough, but spending a night in Dresden while exploring Germany is not a bad idea if you ask us. If you are a first time traveler, this breathtakingly beautiful neighborhood is a great place to visit some of the city's most popular attractions. The best accommodations in and around Dresden - where to stay and what is the best place for first-time travellers in Germany?

The Inner Old Town is one of the best hotels in Dresden you will find, although you may need to book early. If you want to see Dresden Neustadt but don't have a full day to devote to it, here is a highly recommended Dresden tour that offers you a great opportunity not only to see these sights, but also to learn more about the city. We wanted to recommend this nightlife tour of Dresden and the NeUSTADTE after hearing that it was the only thing on our list we could not do personally. A visit to Dresden is an absolute must if you take the time to walk and admire the opulence of this complex.

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