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The InterContinental Hotels Group has announced the acquisition of the German Intercontinental Hotel Dresden by the FFF Group. The leading hotel company in the USA and the world's largest hotel operator today announced the purchase of the first new hotel in Germany in more than a decade. German Hotel and is the first hotel to sign a new owner and partner, the F FF Group, under a multi-year lease.

The Holiday Inn Dresden Am Zwinger, which is operated under a franchise agreement, is managed by the Stars Hotels Management Company. Meanwhile, the Holiday Inn Hamburg HafenCity will be a newly built hotel with 265 rooms, operated under an existing multi-development contract with a partner.

Dresden, the hotel will be in a prime location in the city centre, near one of the most prestigious medical centres in the world. Dresden University Hospital, Germany's leading clinic and research facility, is located on the eastern outskirts of the city, only a few minutes "drive from Dresden's central business district. It houses a number of leading hospitals, research institutions and medical research institutes and is the site of a major research centre for the treatment of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Dresden Mitte is just a 5-minute walk away and offers access to the city centre, the surrounding area and a variety of restaurants, bars and shops. On this tour you will skip all the mundane historical tours and discover this city through the eyes of the locals. D.F. Onbezorgd rei Düsseldorf, Dresden, Germany, Dachau and the University Hospital Dresden in Dresden.

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Of the 22,122 hotels in Dresden, the Hotel Indigo Dresden Wettiner Platz, rated 4.5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor, is one of the most popular hotels in the city centre and the oldest hotel in Germany. Among the 23 122 hotels, Dresden is among the top 10 European cities with the highest number of hotels per 100,000 inhabitants. Check out the hotel of its kind at the International Hotel Dresden am Wittinerplatz and its 4.5 / 5 rating on tripadvisors and check out the hotels of other international hotels such as the Intercontinental Hotel Dresden and the Hotel Dachau.

The Hotel Indigo Dresden Wettiner Platz is located in the centre of Dresden and has been rated 4.5 out of 5 by Tripadvisor.

It is one of the largest cities in the world with its lively markets, museums, art galleries, restaurants, hotels and hotels that keep visitors busy throughout the month. The historic city is home to a number of cultural monuments that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List and in the European Heritage Register. It is the birthplace of Adolf Hitler, the founder of Nazi Germany and a listed cultural monument. Your e-mail address will not be published, nor will your name, address, telephone number and / or e-mail address be publicly disclosed.

Enjoy your stay in one of the most beautiful hotels in the world with a great view of Germany, the Alps and the city of Dresden.

As someone who has stayed at the accommodation before, I can understand why some hotels do not want to offer direct cash refunds, but as others have told me, it is much better to wait for an official change of policy. Of course, you can be sure that you are buying travel insurance for exactly this situation, but individual airlines and hotel representatives are often not very competent to make this decision for you. As for non-refundable bookings, you will find that many hotels will happily allow you to use the money you have spent on future stays.

Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are here, and an accomplished and daring jewel thief could rob the hotel and not be caught. Look at the photos in the library, read real guest reviews, book your Indigo and stay at one of the most beautiful hotels in Germany, the Dresden Intercontinental Hotel.

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More About Dresden