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I switched over the last few weeks and had to write my article again about my perception of the coronavirus and the hospitality in Germany. This weekend I decided to do some research on Dresden, which is about two hours from Berlin, and I needed accommodation while I was preparing to write a piece about my perception of the corona virus and the hospitality of Germany, so we decided to stay at the 94-room Gewandhaus Dresden (owned by the Marriott Autograph Collection and generally considered one of our best hotels in the city).

Although the hotel has been used as a hotel since 1967, it has a history dating back to 1770, and it is a city with a lot of history, as it was heavily bombed in 1945, which meant that much of the city had to be rebuilt since then.

The service-oriented and incredibly friendly staff ensures a great living experience, as well as the convenient location and the opulent interior. The Executive Lounge is a nice place to spend some time and is the best choice if you want to spend some private time in between leisurely hours, but it is not the best place to spend time. Leisure facilities are also quite nice, although they are not crowded and the breakfast is average.

If an hour of excursions and walks make you tired and you think you need a break, the Hilton is the perfect place to put your feet up, relax in an armchair, have a skilled masseuse and rub you properly. I got up from my desk and checked my email with wireless Internet access and felt welcome by the hotel staff, who made sure all the paperwork was done quickly. M does not question M's ability to remain polite as an employee, which definitely deserves a lesson in customer service.

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The insurance covers all vehicle parts, even if it does not cover damage to tyres or chassis. This is included in the rates in the offer, as well as the rental price for the hotel itself.

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The Hilton Hotel makes use of the unique features of Dresden, such as the high-quality facilities of the hotel. You can choose between fully equipped meeting rooms or flexible ballrooms that are fully divisible.

The bright and airy rooms offer beautiful views of the city and a variety of activities and activities. Work is easy in the Church of Our Lady, which offers an excellent view over the river and a beautiful view from the main lobby of the hotel.

A fitness centre operates modern facilities, saunas and steam baths are also available. One of the most popular facilities at this hotel is the outdoor hot tub.

In the basement, the Gewandhaus has a pool and a gym, which is open daily from 6 am to 11 pm. The Executive Room Suite, which is booked and has Hilton HHonors Gold and Diamond status, is located on the first floor.

More About Dresden

More About Dresden