Dresden Germany Accor Hotel

As someone who has been to this hotel before, I am always curious to hear what others tell me. I usually decide during the day whether I have breakfast in the hotel or not, but I always do, especially when someone else does.

I met the kindest, most professional and helpful person who was like someone who saved my faith with a positive attitude of "I can do it." He was very friendly and professional, tried to help me a lot and made sure that with the information I had received from him I had achieved more than most I could have. I also tried to understand very hard what he was telling me and he checked me in so I could not turn away without his support and his language support.

How is it possible that the front forces tell you in German that they do not speak English and do not understand what you are talking about? Do you rely on your hotel guests or ask them to translate into German for you?

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Apparently, the hotel's top management has adopted a cost-saving policy of turning off the air conditioning in rooms that are not occupied by guests but were assigned on arrival. This means that the system not only has to keep the temperature low, but also has to cool the rooms down to a hotter temperature beforehand. With windows open, there is a temperature difference between the room and the surrounding building and its surroundings at night, and windows cannot be opened.

I understand that this is a budgetary and cost issue, but this stupid decision does not help the situation. This is not the fault of the staff or shift managers, and Accor Hotels do not offer this type of policy in their hotels.

After being almost reduced to rubble during World War II, it received funding from countries around the world for a complete reconstruction. It is an efficient, spacious business hotel, and it gives you the feeling of walking into a lovingly restored palace building from the Baroque period, with its original interior and exterior.

The lighting is excellent, and each bathroom corner has its own lighting and floor-to-ceiling windows. From your bed or even from the balcony on the second floor of your hotel room, you can enjoy a wide view of the sunrise and sunset.

One design element we did not like was the fact that the sink and toilet are separate. The possibility of placing handbags and other personal items in the entry way is a plus, but not ideal for everyday use.

On the table is a coffee maker, and on a shelf are the tea bags and stockings for a variety of drinks and snacks, as well as a cup of coffee and tea.

More About Dresden

More About Dresden