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In the cosy hostel centre of Dresden, Lollis Homestay has been consistently voted one of the best hostels in Dresden and you can see why here. The sights of the Frauenkirche, Zwinger and Königsschloss make it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. There are a number of top sights Dresden has to offer, including the city center, the Dresden-Neustadt train station and not to mention the train station. The Hyperion Hotel Dresden Am Schloss offers everything you need for a stylish stay in and around Dresden, as it features a full-service spa, a private garden and beautiful views of the Rhine.

Every year thousands of tourists visit Dresden, many of whom visit the historic city that played a major role in the end of the Second World War.

To make the most of your trip to Dresden and Germany in general, it must be a sincere effort, because Germany has much to offer those who have had the opportunity in recent years to absorb the different cultures in their own way.

In this regard, there are more than 70 budget hotels in Dresden that will help you enjoy a good stay with quality service at an affordable price. The Lollis Homestay offers more of the other hostels in Dresden, but free stuff is always nice when you travel, so make sure you stay for yourself. Breakfast is served in the bright conservatory and provides you with all the energy you need to explore Dresden.

One of the best hotels in Dresden, the Relais Chateaux Bulow - Palais offers its guests luxury and comfort. There are a number of hotel groups that have flown the flag in Dresden, but also family accommodation. The city centre is home to the Bebe Hotel, the Hotel Bremen and the Hotel Wroclaw, as well as the Bauhaus Hotel on the outskirts of Dresden.

Located directly on the Altmarkt square in the Kreuzkirche church in Dresden, this hotel is one of the most popular hotels in the city centre and a popular tourist destination. The main shopping street starts at Dresden's main train station and runs along Wilsdruffer Straße.

When it comes to cheap locations, it is no better than being close to a major train station. The hotel in Dresden is not only the main attraction, but also convenient. Dresden Mitte train station, which is just a two-minute walk away, is just a stone's throw from the hotel.

The Wilsdruffer Vorstadt is located west of Dresden's Old Town, allowing you to easily reach the city centre for a day of exploring the city. If you want a piece of history, this is definitely the place for you in Dresden.

Instead of the towers and domes, this Dresden hotel offers a charming riverside beer garden, great views of Dresden's Old Town, and a variety of delicious food and drinks.

If you are looking for a cheap hostel with private rooms in Dresden, the LaLeLu Hostel is guaranteed to be a hit. One of the best hotels in Prague, it is a completely different class of facilities that will make you feel at home without having to dig deeper into your pockets. The Aparthotel Altes Dresden is located in the heart of Dresden's Old Town, just a few blocks from the city centre and offers some of the best and cheapest apartments in our city. As one of our top hotels in Dresden, this hotel is located directly on a main road that leads through the old town.

The Inner New Town offers a variety of options, including a number of private rooms as well as a hostel, restaurant and even a spa.

If you are looking for a superior hotel in Dresden that has all the ingredients for a good stay, Hotel Indigo is a great place to stay in Dresden. Located in the heart of the Inner New Town, within walking distance of the city centre, it is one of our most charming hotels in the whole of Dresden and if you are coming on a budget, it is the perfect choice for you. If you're looking for an affordable hostel without compromising on affordability, Dresden hostels are a good choice, with a wide range of options.

Taschenbergpalais Kempinski in Dresden is one of the oldest hotels in Dresden and was reopened on 31 March 1995. In 1834, the Prussian Johann Heinrich Gerstkamp had several buildings erected on the Neumarkt in Dresden and a hotel built. Located in Loschwitz on the Elbe slope and built in 1848, it was once the home of King Ludwig II of Germany and his family.

Today the Inner New Town is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Dresden, where you can stay for a few days or even a week. For first-time travellers, there are a number of hotels in the Dresden area where you can stay, as well as a hostel, restaurant and wellness centre.

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